At first, there was only one voice,

My voice, my own voice, me.

Then, another joined my voice,

They talked together, were 'voice' company.

I didn't resent that second voice,

Until it invited other voice's to join them.

Since then, I've hated that second voice,

It makes my little voice seem like a rock against voice which is a gem.

I don't hear my little voice anymore,

Its hidden behind teh angry and the hateful.

I don't know where my voice is anymore,

I can't feel it's sound, can't feel it's pull.

My friends used to call me a chatterbox,

I got in trouble for talking.

Now, I get in trouble for not answering,

For just keeping on walking.

My voice is drowned, it's suffocating,

It can't find the rope to hold on,

My voice is drowning, my voice is dying,

And now it's dead because I listened to all the other voices and all the other voices... were wrong...

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