Sofronia Blackbourne
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age 19
Gender Female
Family Thomas Blackbourne(father)

Victoire Blackbourne(mother)

Julien Blackbourne (twin brother)

Lucian Hawthorne (ex-fiancé)

Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'7"
Alias Sofro, Hortense Montgomery
Affiliation Self
Weapons None
Species Mortal
Home TBD
Appearances Dead Ends


Sofronia was born to Victoire and Thomas Blackbourne, who was a wealthy merchant. She grew up in a wealthy household, but was never interested in parties and dresses. While other girls were attending balls and flirting, she was studying politics and other subjects, including horseback riding and sword-fighting. Her mother was a Suffragist, who encouraged her to be independent and think for herself. Her father was rarely ever around, so he wasn't aware of what she was learning.However, when he found out about her lessons, her placed her under house-arrest and forced her to act more "lady-like." Naturally, she made an effort to be as un-ladylike as possible and continued her lessons in secret. When she was 16, her mother passed away. Shortly after, her father decided to marry her off to Lucian Hawthorne, the son of a wealthy trader. Instead, Sofronia ran away to live at London. She started a pawnshop, which is now thriving.


Sofronia is stubborn, opinionated, independent, and rebellious. She's very curious, and enjoys discovering secrets and solving mysteries. She's also passionate and spirited.Sofronia won't hesitate to take risks, and often acts without thinking ahead. She's much more likely to rely on improvision rather than planning ahead. She does what she wants, goes where she wishes, and has nothing against using dirty or underhanded tricks.

Physical Description

Sofronia has wavy light brown hair, which falls to her chest. She often wears it in a ponytail. She has large gray eyes, somewhat tanned skin, and a smattering of freckles across her face. She usually wears a shirt and pants, rather than a dress. Sofronia has a tendency to smirk a lot.

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