Sometimes I wish.

Personal note: I wrote this poem in memory for all those who have passed, and are on their next greatest adventure. I request readers to think of anyone this applies to; a family member, friend, loved one, it doesn't matter. So long as I made you remember them through this, my work is done.

Thanks, ~Sonofapollo _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Sometimes I wish I could be four again;

Small enough to hide in the boiler room.

Away from this ugly, miserable world.

In my own precious bubble of solace.

Sometimes I wish I could see you again,

Hear your laugh, your voice again.

But now we are separated by the veil,

The thin layer of life and death.

Sometimes I wish I can soar to the sky,

Just to escape from the horror below.

Alas, something vile and cruel happened

They drowned my will to fly.

Sometimes I wish I could turn time back

And find you waiting there for me-

Alive and well, separated not by death

To say the words I have been dying to say....

I love you.

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