This is a tale of a dog and her master.

Kayli's (the dog) POV

When you found me at a puppy mill, you were sweet. I was only a puppy then and instantly we connected. You called me your child and I felt that I was your's. Forever. Me and you. As you grew up, I was always there for you, there to comfort you when you were sad, leaping with joy when you were happy, and I was always there as a friend. Even when I did things you didn't like, you always forgave me and kissed me on my nose or patted my back. Soon, you bought another puppy. You gave her all the love and affection you had given me when I was a puppy. Day after day, you seemed to forget about me more and more until one day, you decided to sell me. You turned your back on me. As you left, I stared after her and my eyes opened wide. I called out her name, cried for her to come back, but it was no use. Soon I was again sent back to the same puppy mill you had got me from. Whenever somebody came to buy one of us dogs, I eagerly rushed to the front of my cage to see if it was you. Every time, you weren't there. But I didn't give up hope. I kept remembering the sweetness and affection you had always showed me and I kept hoping that every time somebody came, it was going to be you. Soon, I was getting old and I was starting to die. Finally, you came and stayed with me till the end. You had come back! At last, you said, "I'm sorry." I looked at you. She had changed and was very tall and not the young girl I remembered. I looked at you and with my last effort my pleading eyes said, "Why did you do this to me?" She opened her mouth to say something, but before I could hear what she said, I died. In that cold room, my end came.

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