Crystalline black spires towered over the huge mass in the center of the desolation. The five towers encircled the giant heart on the ground, beating rhythmically, pumping out the very essence of pain itself through it's many arteries reaching into the sky, wrapping around the black crystal towers.
I stand just a few dozen feet from the throbbing mass, feeling the gaping hole in my chest mournfully. I tried to breathe, only to be choked by the horror that filled what was once called the air. I tried to feel, only to painfully remember that there was nothing left to feel. I tried to look, only to realize I was blinded by emotions. I tried to hear, only to be deafened by the cruel truth. I tried to taste, but could taste nothing but my own torment and agony.
The spires stared mockingly at me, showing off what they had and what I didn't. The towers could feel. They had emotion. I stared at the gargantuan heart. Even the giant organ felt more than I. I tore at the hole in my chest. Tore, and tore, and tore until it extended to my stomach. Sure enough, there was nothing inside. It was all taken along with my heart.
That heart on the ground? Mine. Those crystalline black spires? The emotions I once had. The heart laughed at me, too wrapped up in it's own happiness to care for anyone or anything else, let alone it's former owner. I tried to shed a tear, but failed because I have nothing left to cry for. I tried to mourn for what it was I lost, but again failed because I can't remember what it was. The towers giggled in glee as they watched me suffer, happy to finally be free of the useless embodiment that was me.
Now they shone true, their full potential exploited. They whispered cruelly, knowing I could take no offense to what they said. "Imbecile", "idiot", "useless", "ugly", "unloved." I stared blankly. What did it all mean? Who am I? Who is Winston? What is life? What is death? What is love? What is hate? What... does it mean to be useless? To be an imbecile? An idiot? Ugly? Unloved? It all lost meaning when I was rejected.
The heart laughed and laughed at my foolishness. There is no love. Not anymore. Not ever.

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