Narrator Chapter 1Edit

Adeline Devillers was a young girl in the labryinth, trying hard to get out when she found Ariadnes string. I t led her stright out, but when she got out Ariadne was standing at the entrance of the maze. Adeline did not know who this person was until the lady said "Well done my dear demigod. You have found my string, and now it is your time to go home, my daughter" Ariadne disappeared just like that. Now, Adeline was confused. Who was the lady? It was a goddess she confirmed, but which one? Why did she call me her daughter, Adeline thought

Ariadne had certainly confused Adeline. Adeline dropped the string. Then she knew it was Ariadne. Who else was the goddess of their own maze? Aphrodite certainly wasn't. The lady of the maze was Adelines own mother. Adeline took a while to accept this, but eventually she did. Adeline lived everywhere. Her father wold constaantly move her since he was a biologist. She would never tell him about Araidne because now he had Adeline's step mom Alaina. The family was happy aswell as close

Chapter 2-POV of AdelineEdit

I waas confused, about the Ariadne thing. Who she is wasn't hard to dicpher. She, after all is the lady of the maze, so its not suprising she showed up at the maze'

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