Last Swan

"We were in love, now we are no more..." - Swan Lake

"Lakes can be anything. But to me, they are where tears come to gather..."

He always had came to watch me dance. It was my passion. Moving to music and becoming one with it. Dancing with grace, like a sawn, he would say. He would smile, laugh and always kiss me after a perfomance. I would always think, one day, I'll make him dance with me. He said he wasn't like me, he was clumsy I had to agree. Extremely so. But I said I would anyway. He stuck by me when no one else would. When I broke my leg, or that time I went into hospital for falling off stage. He would say, that I was starting to get two left feet. I remember him always saying, that I would be famous one day. I danced well, I admit. He said, I would get my dream in no time. My dream. To dance Swan Lake with the Russian Ballet, with him watching. He would smile and cheer for me and we would be happy forever. I would dance as the main and he would watch as the love. Love of my life. Sometimes, I lost hope when I got injured and said my dream was just a dream, no reality. But he would always say, stop lying. I guess he was my rock. The thing that kept me on. Kept me going even after all that has happened. But then he was gone. As quick as I could say I love you, actually, I hadnt. I was scared, so scared, and lost all courage. The next day, there came the phone call.

"I'm sorry miss, he passed away. beaten to death miss....I'm sorry, I wish I could help you."

One little call and my heart broke, shattered into a million pieces which blew away with the wind. I cried and then stopped, because sometimes, you have just shut it out. So I shut out the world...For days, weeks, months, even to a year, I stopped caring.

Here I am today, on stage. Dancing Swan Lake, with the Russian Ballet. Like my dream I guess. But incomplete. No him watching me. No cheers. So as I do my finale, I let a single tear, my first tear in ages drip down my cheek. I have lost hope, I am an empty soul.....Today is the day, I give up.

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