Silver Arrows Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Into the Future Edit

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Captain Westerling hid the King Cobra behind the asteroid as the Rukmana destroyers passed by. "Sir," said Ensign Tareesh-ka, "reports indicate that the Mulikkast destroyer "Telek Tam Tan" has gone down with all 237 hands." Westerling sighed. "The waste…" he mumbled under his breath. A shudder ran through the ship. "Return fire," Westerling yelled, "now!" Streaks of silver ran through space and shattered the Rukmana into pieces. A second one appeared and hit the Cobra in the engines, and the electricity temporarily flashed off. "Auxilliary power," yelled Westerling, "devote all power to life support and weapons." First Officer A-sa-tlik turned to Westerling. "No shields?" "None." He nodded. "Yes, sir." Another shot caught the ship in the loading bays. "Minimal structural damage," said Lieutenant Dallas Wyett, "three injuries, one casualty." "Return fire!" The Rukmana retreated as another silver bolt shot into the asteroid. "Minimal power to engines," ordered Westerling, "evasive action! Move!" Suddenly, the comms beeped twice. "Incoming message," said Ensign Nagasaki, "from the Rukmana." Westerling swore. "On screen," he ordered. The hideous insectoid creature reared into view. "I orders you to surrender to now, captain," it said in horrible English, since their own hideous language is almost impossible to translate, "all your base are belong to us. You now give up soon." The captain shook his head. "Not happening." The figure grinned. "Then you are a fool, Westerling, and you will die a fool." Lasers sliced through the ship and knocked out life support, killing all the bridge crew instantly.

There was one survivor on the King Cobra. Her name was Emily, and she was twelve. Her quarters alone held life support, and she was awake and figuring things out. She was a human by adoption, but a Grai alien by birth, and they were a race very good and figuring things out. She turned. She was going to escape and avenge her parents. The Terran Federation of Planets would rise again and the Rukmana would be destroyed. But first, she would have to escape before the fighters destroyed what remained of the ship.

Chapter 2 Edit

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