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I made you hate me with bitter rage

While sometimes you were the one to blame

I got a feeling I was your slave

And often couldn't keep up the charade

We had a relationship that was so sweet

Your enemies chocked on envy with hate

I tried my best on being good

I tried my best at being nice

I tried my best to change myself

But the tiger still managed to show itself

I ripped your heart to bits you said

I ate your flesh and rolled in your bones

I laughed at your misery hating your breath

But you got the opposite story my friend

Your alpha soul dominated mine

Made me feel like a bowl full of flies

Conquered me, subdued me, and tamed

You made a vicious tiger heel at your name

Now I when gathered enough courage and strength

To try and be my real self

You blame me for lying, for making you love me

While I have to sit now, alone, cold, and lonely

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