don't know what to do...

there is a throbbing in my brain,

my thoughts become unclear

in the deepest reaches of my mind,

i'm afraid there's noone here.

The more I seem to think about it,

the more it seems to be,

my mind is teetering on the edge

of the void of insanity...

My chest is feeling empty,

can no longer feel my heart,

it has been since decimated,

ripped up, torn part from part...

I hear the flutter of wings,

black feathers are all I see,

I now know why the caged bird sings,

she wants to be free from me.

to live a life with a hefty cost,

my cold heart teeters on the edge,

of the void of a love that's lost.

With my foggy mind I can't think straight,

yet these simple rhymes I can formulate,

A useless talent i now abuse,

a talent I am now sure to lose.

So until I know what's wrong with me,

this is my last piece of poetry.....

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