My environment is killing me

My "home" cuts off my air

This town is depressing me

Feels like I'm drowning in despair.

I hate what my life's become

The world has beaten down my heart.

Sadly living in this hell,

is what keeps me from falling apart.

People try to "help" me

seemingly on a whim.

Yet they know that I'm not crazy,

they just want me dull like them.

They choke me with medication

to put me in my "right" mind

but if they were to look inside my head

they'd weep at what they'd find.

My heart is full of tension

strung so tight idk what to do.

In all honesty, how hard is it

to say "I love you too." ?

I guess I'll end my prattle,

because I doubt any of you care,

I guess I'll write all this shit down

so it'll at least feel like someone's there.....

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