Now, some folks say that the Moon is made of cheese,

and most folks, don't believe 'em.

But I do.

Some call me dim,

others not-so-bright,

but I still believe the Moon is made of cheese.

At school my other classmates tease me,

they say they Moon ain't made of cheese,

but I can prove them wrong.

I went to NASA Space Center once,

and as we were leaving through the gift shop,

I saw something that caught my eye,

a round wheel of what was supposedly a peice of Moon cheese.

I grabbed my mom's arm, and she looked at me like I was crazy,

but she bought it for me anyways.

Now I have a little piece of the moon in a zip-lock container ('cause it smells really bad)

What's that? You say your brother works at NASA, and that it is just a regular peice of cheese?

That his coworker's been to the Moon and brought back ROCKS?!

We'll never mind this story, the Moon's made of rock, *tosses cheese in the trash*.

Now, who can get me a piece of Moon rock?

*someone hands the speaker a regular rock*

Thank you very much kind person. Now I have a real, little piece of the our natural satellite.

Some call me stupid, some call me dumb, but I'm still cooler than them,

'cause I have a piece of the Moon.


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