Have you ever been to detention and your teacher tried to eat you? Have you ever ridden the city bus and get followed by a man with blue fur? We have and little did we know that we were one of the few "Chosen One's". In this epic story by N.A. Allen, you will uncover the truth to the founding of the United States and the mythology behind it.

Meet Nick Allen- son of Polius the American god of the sky, a young ambitious 13 year old boy who is prepared to fight as long as he has his trusted knives.

Meet Rae Carter- son of Racus the American god of water, a sword wielding, armor making 13 year old boy who is prepared to protect anyone.

Meet Esteban Herrera- son of Lilus the American god of the dead, a zombie raising, skilled archer who can shoot an apple off the top of your head from 60 feet away and is prepared to defend himself and others.

Chapter One: DetentionEdit

Has your teacher ever tried to kill you in detention? Well ours have and it's no joke. My name's Nick Allen, I didn't know about 7.0.7. until detention happened, but I'm glad I did. It was some Tuesday in April when it happened and my two friends Rae & Esteban were with me. During lunch the day before, I showed them a video I saw on Youtube of a girl who was doing a webshow when her closet door behind her fell on top of her. Our seventh grade dean Mrs. Hi (yeah that's her name), came up right behind us and watched to entire video. I could have sworn that she laughed when the door fell on the girl but still we were in trouble.

"A detention for you, you, and you," she said handing us each a slip which we signed.

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