“Mommy! Mommy!” squealed Willie; she was 8 years old and today was her birthday. “What is it, sweet heart?” Asked her mother as she walked to her. “This cat! I want this cat!” Willie started jumping up and down, pointing at a fat orange tabby cat. “Then let’s go get him.” He mother said, smiling as she took her hand. They walked to the orange tabby cat’s cage. After they bought the cat, Willie’s mother noticed that she never saw her daughter this happy……………………………………………………

Little did they know that this cat would change their life forever……………………………………………

Chapter 1Edit

              “Hoooooooooommmmmmmmeeeeee!” I mewed as I escaped out of the box. The door was open, so I went in. Looking around, I saw the kitchen table and thought “What if I jump up there?” and so I did. As I jumped on the table, I started hawing second thoughts. But, I decided to stay there. I tried searching for food – if there was any – when I heard some girl’s sad shaking voice. “M-Mommy… I think we lost…”


“Lost whom?”

“Our cat…”

               “Don’t worry, we’ll find him!” I saw a larger woman hug the little girl through the window as the girl started crying. “I better go hide.” I thought.

          I ran into somekind of pink bedroom and jumed on the purple bed. “Ahh… so warm and so soft. Haven’t felt like this in years.” I mewed happily. Thanks to my quick thinking, I kicked off the pillow with all my might and lay there in place of it, hoping no one will notice me.

           I was very hungry and I think I was without food for years. Four years maybe? Well, finally night fell so, I was already asleep when I heard footsteps. I opened my eyes and saw that same girl plopping on the bed. “Shoot, I better keep calm.” I thought, and so I did. The girl hit me a couple of times and then lay her head on me. “Ouch” I mewed silently. I heard her cough. “Is that girl sick?” That question appeared in my cat mind. “I hope she’s not. I don’t wanna get sick as well.” I tried smashing the thought away.

(Little did he know that he will be the one helping her)

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