Chapter OneEdit

The newstand was booming with the thumps and rumps of feet, running to grab a paper. The TV display outside, Best Buy, held over 25 people looking in at the news. News reporters kept getting more and more messages, as the planets dissapeered. What was going on people did not know, until an Astronomer was on his telescope...this man, could save the world.

Zachary Bolsden, sat on his chair, staring thoughtfully throughout his telescope, observing the current phase of the moon, when, crack! The noise boomed into the Earth's atmosphere, causing Zack to fall back, and off his chair, to hit his head on the mansion floor. "Honey!?" his mother called up. Her sweet sugar voice called up the stairs, warming up Zack. "Are you alright?"

"Yes mom!" Zack yelled back down, looking throguh his telescope and observing the sky. Ok, he thought. Sirius is right there, there's Altair, umm-there's Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, the Sun, and-hey? Where's Mercury!?

Zack moved his telescope, side to side. Up and down. Left to right, and still couldn't find it. Fwoop! Zack looked around the telescope. He gave up looking, and went back to the moon...but, it was gone.

Zack pulled his head back and ran outside, where thousands of others in the neighbourhood gathered around in the still and pitch, black night, looking around...the moon was gone. And, looking where the moon used to be, was now an even darker spot than the night sky.

Zack ran back inside, pushing his way through the crowd (stepping on a skunk on the way back...oops), and shoved his way past a 2nd grader. He made it into his house, looked into his telescope and saw the one thing he never wanted to see, this close to Earth...a black hole.

"Ooh no!" Zack exclaimed. He took a picture of the sky, and ran out into his mother's car. "MOM! I'M GOING TO BE OUT FOR A WHILE!"

He backed out of the driveway, honking his horn to signal people to move. Zack then slammed on the gas, heading his way towards NASA headquarters. NASA was nearby Zack's house, just a couple metres.

Zack shifted gears. He slammed on the brakes as the light turned red. The radio boomed, "ROADS ARE NOW CLOSED, TURN BACK!"

"No!" Zack yelled. He hit his car, and the horn beeped. "No, no no!" Zack looked out his window. He could see NASA. "Hmm."

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