She walks through the crowded hallways, blocking out the noises as she tries to think what will happen next on the TV series, Bones. Art was third period, and she had just finished a math test, so her brain was a bit fizzy. Attempting to zoom through the little space in the hallway, she braces herself and her homework for art class. Like a professional dodgeball player, she dodges each passing crowd and person, hoping she could get to Art as soon as possible.

She makes it just as the bell rang for class.

"Alright, children," the teacher says, standing up and clapping her hands once,"please hand in your assignment." The teacher went back to her desk and sat down while the class lined up to her desk, their paintings ready.

As usual, she was last in line. Holding her painting, she starts daydreaming again. This time about what will happen next in The Son of Neptune. Luckily, her brain snaps back in to attention when it was almost her turn.

Anxious, she hands her painting to the teacher. She stares at it for a while, and finally said,"Grace, I've given you a week to do this. Will you explain why it's just a canvas painted black?"

Grace, knowing it would lead to this, smiled. "A painting," she explains,"for the blind. Because all they see is darkness. They can't see paintings or pictures, so I wanted to give them something they can kind of look at. Something that they can see for once."

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