Author's NoteEdit

Boy with a Candle

This may look nothing like the Lion Candle, but it is still means about the same, a boy cradling a candle, in the Boy's case, all he has left.

This has been floating around my brain for a while now. It is continuing the fire theme from
A Candle of Love, but in a different sense. I'm not really one for forgiveness, but this is about that, really. Ŋatalyą Ƒinnley - Tell me sðmething I don’t know (nø really) 02:13, December 29, 2011 (UTC)


The Boy with the Lion CandleEdit

It was a legend, amongst the poor of Atlantis. The Wanderer who still claimed the night as his own, and made it other people’s too. The Wanderer’s name had been long forgotten. But everyone knew of his beginnings. He was the Boy with the Lion Candle.

At first he was just the Boy. The Boy who lived next door to the Candle Maker. He sometimes helped around the Shop, for a few pennies. He sat outside his house, and watched the Customers go in and out of the Shop. The Candle Maker, who was young, and new to the Art of Making Magic Amulets and Candles, was interested in this Boy. In his curiosity.

He learnt that the Boy had a sick Father, and no Mother. The Boy was quick and sharp, and keen to Learn. He watched the rich Customers, who paid the Candle Maker little, and learnt about the Value of the Art.

The Candle Maker was losing money. He charged Little for his Candles, that were of the Utmost Quality and Crafting. The poor could not pay that much, and the rich claimed that the Candles were worth Little. But the Boy knew better. How he knew, the Candle Maker did not know, but the Boy offered to prove to him that the Candles were Valuable.

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