A story concerning Jerris Tione, a girl with a golden blade, as she travels through Litworld in search for the twins mentioned in the Book of Hearts.

0: TheEdit

Red hair. Green lights. Blue sky.

That was all I remembered that day.

The light seemed to fade slowly. The mist of darkness began making a strange melody that seemed to call me forward. Asking me to enter it. The song it sang was a dark version of a canary's song. The form it took was endless and destructive.

As I came closer, it took me in. Taught me. Blessed me with a fake light.

I try to reason with it. Teach it that light is purity, and darkness is pure hatred.

However, it disagrees.

It says light can be hatred, and that there is nothing purer than darkness.

I lost my grip on it, as it moved. The world crumbled, imploded, one might say.

And to me? It was beautiful.

1: SunEdit

I woke up with a pang of hunger. That was quite the strange dream.

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