Elly, Ferra and Zinny ran as fast as they could to one of the houses right in the quiet park of New York. Their best friend Faith was having a crisis that she wanted to tell them in person.

They found Faith in tears, her face red.

"What happened?" Zinny gasped.

"I'm moving! To California! All the way across the country!" Faith cried out.

The girls all broke into tears.

"NO! WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN!" Ferra screamed.

"Even worse - we're moving to a farm with no cell phone coverage, no tv and NO ELECTRICITY! All the light is coming from candles on the ceiling!" Faith cried.

"NO!" Elly gasped.

"Yes! My life is ruined!" Faith cried.

"Wait, you'll still have Brownie!" Ferra said hopefuly.

Faith shook her head. "There's no room!"

Elly gasped "But Brownie's your best friend - she's higher on the ranks then us!"

Faith just cried, and was held in the arms of her best friends.

Chapter 1:Edit

Faith Newman was in a very bad mood. She had left her best friends Elly D'Lacey, Zinny Talcerano and Ferra Fletcher in New York the week before, she hated her new home even more than she thought she would and was just annoyed by how much her sister Silena, her brother Jake and her parents loved the place.

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