As soon as I stepped into the quaint church, with its vines and climbers nestling into place- I knew I was out of place. Here I am, an ex member of The Dominion, stepping in with the Conclave- their arch enemies. But things have gone too far- this must stop- let war shall start.

Who am I? I go by many, but you can address me as Adelaide Bergamot. I'm one of the fey. We see that which mortals do not see- the supernatural. We are born with an Innate superpower. Mine is control of sleep. That's enough for you to know.


On EarthEdit

Phoenix Hawthorne Control over fire Leader of Conclave
Jack Hawthorne Control over Ice/Water Twin brother of Phoenix
Tilly Moneta Can make words materialize into real things Romance with Jack
Arthur Ackerman Telekinesis, Mind reading, levitation Smartest member, Jewish Background
Brock Davis Geokinesis Very strong, not so bright :P
Cybele Chloris Control over nature/animals, communication with animals Parents killed by Dominion, youngest member
Adelaide Bergamot Control over sleep/dreams/nightmares Ex-Dominion member.

NOTE: BOLD denotes a narrator of the story.


In any wars, the Conclave are allied with the:

  • Vampires
  • Faeries
  • Angels



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