She had provocative blonde curls, that fell ad bounced on her shoulders and chest. Light eyes, coloured in a silvery-blue shade, that, at this moment in time were eyeing me, in an annoyed manner. She wore a deep purple archery dress- curious, as it reached her ankles, and she looked out of place, as though she came from another dimension. Curious still was her weapon. A slender ebony bow, engraved with purple runes. Unlike any he had seen for a fair while. The other five members of the Conclave stood behind me and were probably regarding her in the same manner. Who was this girl?

“You were part of the Dominion?” I finally asked.

The Dominion. An anarchist group of the Fey -That’s who we are. Humans born with unique powers that allow us to see what normal humans are incapable of seeing- the warlocks, Elves, Vampires, the Lycanthropes. The unreal. We’re the conclave, the arch-enemies of the Dominion, who swear to wipe out those who stand in their way, in their attempt to rule the worlds. Yes, plural. The supernatural reside in different realms, away from earth.

“I work for no one anymore. However, I used to be acquainted with them.” She replied nonchalantly.

“I saw we just smash her into a million pieces.”, the man next to me, Brock Davis, said. His power is the ability to control the earth. Not surprising. He could probably smash a car with one hand.

The girl simply laughed. “You could kill me. But you’d be left with only thirteen Fey on Earth. Also, I hold secret information privy to the Dominion. Would you really give up that?”

She has a point. We need to destroy the Dominion before they destroy us. And, there’s only six members of the conclave on Earth. The rest live in the Seventh Realm, along with the other supernatural.


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