There's a PART 1 you bozos!

Crazy In Robot Suit

Crazy, ready to blow stuff up.

Crazy and Normal were in super-awesome battle suits.[1] They were off to stop an alien invasion. They had their weapons carry them outside, and they saw a green guy.[2]

Green Guy

Look! It's ugly.

"Hi evil person!" Crazy said.

"Hello Crazy."

"How are your plans going?"

"I already stole one million doll..."

Normal had just pushed a button, and shot him with a raygun.[3]

"You stole one million dolls? Wait... why are you disintegrated?"

"He was an alien in disguise. My alien tracker saw it."

"Oh yeah!"

They marched off to where the UFOs were landing.


An alien shot lasers out of his hands.

Crazy pushed a button on his suit. It started dancing.


"Crazy, this is not the time for robo-dance mode!"

But Crazy did not listen. His robot suit kept dancing. Of course, the dancing shook the entire suit, which caused Crazy to bump into some buttons. Buttons like:

  • Missile launch
  • Anvil drop
  • Lightning Blast
  • KABOOM 2[4]
  • Flamethrower
  • Awesomeness Blast
  • The button that blows stuff up
  • And a few others that involve explosions

Anyways, all of the aliens were defeated when Crazy bumped into these buttons.


"There's no time to apologize to dead guys! We've got to keep working."

And they did. They continued, and shot down other aliens. Only the one named "Super-Blaster-of-Doom" lived.[5]

They marched into the military base, which had been blown up.[6] They saw about 218,172,921,825,891 and a half aliens. Don't ask how half an alien got in there. Crazy pushed a button, and a missile launcher bigger than the battle suit popped out. It was so big, Crazy couldn't hold it up, and he dropped it right onto the aliens, crushing all of them.

Missle Launcher

The Missile Launcher 3000 crushing the military base.

"Now that's what I call a green pancakes!"


"Stop 'EEEEWWWW'ing!" Crazy said. He slapped Normal's robot suit with his. So, Normal slapped back. The two of them kept slapping each other until a laser shot Crazy's battle suit.


Crazy popped out a laser that said "The KABOOM 3000"[7] on it. He charged it up, and the word "KABOOM" was heard from a speaker on it. Then, everything around them exploded. All of the UFOs were destroyed. The puppies were safe.[8]

They then walked outside to see the biggest UFO ever![9]

"Wanna go blow that up?" Crazy asked.

"Go jump in a lake." Normal said.

"Yes sir!" Crazy ran to the lake that was conveniently right next to them, and jumped in. Then, he found out it was an acid lake. Oops. His skeleton climbed back out, and he hit the re-flesh-er button on the battle suit. Then, they marched off to find more aliens. Two green guys walked by, but they were human. They kept walking, and found an alien that was blue! BLUE! A blue alien... I bet you never thought THAT would happen! Normal shot at it, but the bullets bounced right off!

Blue Alien

The Blue Alien. Alas, this drawing is accurate.

"YOU DARE SHOOT AT GLEECHOISUZPALGOISENTCHUY?!"[10] Bob then opened his super weapon... a handful of tofu. He threw it at Crazy, and Crazy ate it.

"It needs salt. And meat." Crazy said. Normal facepalmed, and then opened an energy sword. Then it shorted out. The blue alien slowly approached the duo. Then, he raised his hand, and it started glowing. "Is that bad?" Crazy asked, even though it was obvious what the answer was.

"Oh, no! The glowing is a sign of friendship! OF COURSE IT'S BAD!" Normal said.

"Well now I feel stupid."

"That's probably because you are."

"Silence earthlings!" Bob said. "Now, bring me to your leader!"

"How cliche." Normal said. "How about 'We will leave and never return because we are nice aliens.' It seems every alien is 'conquer' this or 'raygun' that."

Bob did not like this. He charged his super-angry-ray-of-ultimate-evil-that-can-blow-stuff-up-with-amazing-force-so-you-might-want-to-watch-out-no-I-am-not-kidding-run-for-your-life-you-fool![11] Normal flicked a switch, and Bob went uuuuuuuup.[12] Bob's Boom Boom Gun went off anyways, so they had to hit the disco button. The robot suits danced out of the way as the beam destroyed the world's largest chocolate cake.


Giant Cake Before And After

The cake: before and after.

"Dude, it was three hundred years old. If you ate it, you would probably die."

"But... cake..."

Normal shot a "Get-A-Grip" beam at Crazy. Crazy got a grip on the lever in the robot-suit. It just happens this lever blows up Mars. Mars blew up.

"Crazy, that was genius. I didn't even think to blow up their home planet! You're the smart one now."

"I am?"

"No, you're thicker then a brick wall."

"Is that good?"


"Pongwantcheeewootugwantos! WOOOOO! Tah dah! SSS! TCHGH!"[13]

Normal slowly backed away from Crazy.

"Umm... at least the invasion ended..."

"Quite the contrary my fine friends," said a voice. They turned to see a RED alien! "My name is The Beastlike Underdog Awesome!"

Red Alien

The Red Alien. This drawing is not accurate... it only has one head.

"You're big AND ugly," said Crazy.[14]

The Beastlike Underdog Awesome[15] started dancing. This is a threat on his home planet (Jupiter, not Mars like everyone thinks.)[16]

"I'm bored," said Crazy, "Let's just end part two here."

"Sure. Why not?" said Normal.

"Okay," said the red alien, "But I'm destroying you when we start part three."

"Sounds like a deal!" said Crazy.





  1. These battle suits happened have 106,172,727,825 different buttons. They were built by Normal.
  2. Yes, this is the same guy as the one you saw in Part 1. SO STOP WHINING!
  3. I like footnotes!
  4. Yes, buttons can have sequels.
  5. This is because Crazy thought his name was cool.
  7. This is not related to the Kaboom! listed above. THIS ONE IS MORE AWESOME!
  8. I don't know what they have to do with it, but at least they're safe, right?
  10. Let's just call him Bob, shall we?
  11. Let's just call this Bob's Boom Boom Gun
  13. This should explain everything.
  14. I got bored, so I put a footnote right here.
  15. Does this name sound familiar? If not, talk to the writer of this story, and we can discuss your various confusions, disorders, and problems.
  16. Green aliens are from Mars. Blue ones are from Neptune. Red ones are from Jupiter. Brown ones are from, well... you get the idea.
  17. I just
  18. want
  19. 20 footnotes
  20. That's why these are here.

Part 3?Edit

The Confusion On Crazy Street: Part 3

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