This really and truly happened, and ever since then my mom has seemed a little out of sorts, so...

My sister and I were in the office one day. Since we're homeschooled, it was about one o'clock. My mom was in my grandpa's old room.

My sister and I were calmly doing our business, unaware of our mom's sudden switch to insanity.

A police car pulled into the driveway. I was naturally curious, and led my sister outside, following my mom.

Mom began to talk to the police, and later my sister told me that Mom had said,

"Twelve whole pairs of underwear missing, and I can't find them anywhere!"

"Er, I'm sorry, Ma'am, but we can't take cases like that," replied the police.

Mom talked to them a while, then we went inside and she proceeded her search for underwear.

Here is an example of how she is crazy:

One day at costco:

Costco is a large store with everything, even car tires. It has an entrance with a big garage-like door, and an exit. A large wall of goods seperates them. At the exit, a man or woman checks your receipt.

One day, not long ago, we went there to shop. (Obviously.)

My little brother, Evan, had *AHEM* dirtied his diaper. My mom had paid for everything, and now headed towards the entrance. (NOT the exit.) A man stepped in front of the cart

"I'm sorry, you must leave through the exit."

"Can I take the short-cut?" my mom gestured towards an opening blocked with a cart.\

"No, ma'am, you must go around the wall. Rules are rules."

"Rules are rules, and they're great, and we follow them, but sometimes we need to bend them. My son is sitting here in a stinky diaper, and is probably developing a rash!"


So, the man called in a woman, and she and mom argued for a while. Then I heard my mom say,

"My son is sitting here in a stinky diaper, by now he has a rash! Do you want to smell it?" she held Evan's rear end up, "Do you want to smell it?"

"No, ma'am!", the woman backed up.

"I thought not. I'm going through the entrance!" My mom pushed the cart , AND THE MAN PUT HIS HAND ON IT TO STOP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I freaked out. Go figure.

Finally, my mom got them to call the manager, and she went through the entrance and speeched him.

When we were finally in the car, Mom checked Evan. You know what? He had a big, red rash bigger than his rear!


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