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And so, she thinks,

It's all or nothing.

Everything or a netherworld,

To be forever lost in bliss or to be forever lost in


She thinks,

Am I that much of a fool,

To take such a dare with life?

To stride up to fate and

Spit it in the face?

To climb out to the

Deep end


J U M P ?

She thinks,

I must be that much of a fool,

To dance with the flames of destiny,

Play cards with the dark side of the moon,

Bet and trick with one so known for his

Deceit and cunning.

She sighs and looks down at her


Far Far Far Far

Down in the pool below,

Her details so miniscule,

Her whole so unstable.

She thinks,

Am I really that relative?

Is life really that strange?

Is it just this, then nothing more?

She giggles as she bounces,







And jumps.

And she


And she

Falls falls falls falls falls

And she lands in the

Deep End with a


And so, she thinks,

As she stands on the edge of the soft moss looking into the pool,

Only feet away from her face,

This is the

Deep End.


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