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I’m Alexander- Alec Di Angelo. I’m one of the “fey”. We’re an endangered race of humans, born with a unique power. Almost like a birth dysfunction. It gives us the ability to see what mundane humans are incapable of seeing- the warlocks, Elves, Vampires, the Lycanthropes. The unreal.

My power. I suppose I don’t have a clear-cut power like the others. I’ll try and explain. I have wings of black plumage that grow out from my back whenever I am shirtless. I can make them grow when I am wearing clothes, but I like my shirts with no holes in the back. I also have certain vocational powers. I can convince you to go to sleep on a bed of nails. Or ask you to let me “borrow” your Mercedes. I can lure you to whisper your darkest secrets to me, and you won’t have any recollection of it. I can make you slit the neck of your lover, and you wouldn’t question me. Some say I am cursed. Some say I’m a fallen angel.


Claudius Diamondis Control over precious gems Head of the Dominion
Nepthys Thorne Shadow/Darkness manipulation Second hand woman to Claudius.
Erik Van Helsen Ghost/spirit channelling WIP
Semele Evadne Control of Lightning WIP
Allerford Quirinus Shapeshifter WIP
Maria Sae Gris Voodoo/Black Magic Escapee of witch trials
Alec di Angelo "Fallen Angel" Replaced Adelaide Bergamot



AUTHORS NOTE: AAARGH GUYS! It's been so long since I've written something sort of fun. Anyway, this is a mega new project (maybe even collab) i'm planning, can't wait to show you all :D

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