The Dominion headquarters was an abandoned manor house, near the edge of London. Solitary, on a lone hill, it looked somewhat like the house of death. Once Diamondis left to the Crypt- his quarters, the rest of us were left to retire to our own.

My room is in the attic. Almost everything is shrouded in black cloths that I have not bothered to look in. Even within this tightly knit group, I'm the most secluded. But it's okay. I don't sleep here.

I walked towards the shabby double bed in the middle of the room, and picked removed my black t-shirt. Almost immediately, I could feel the wigs growing out of my back, flapping once, twice- breathing. I proceeded to the one window in the room, carefully opened it and stepped onto the roof. The wind was blowing, and my fringe brushed against my forehead in black waves.

Flying is an experience you never forget. The thrill of it, the freedom, is divine. One of the only things I love about being a Fey is this. I have an apartment. Small studio apartment for one person, hidden in a cluster of apartment buildings.

I silently clambered into the apartment, and eyed my surroundings. On one corner of the room, my Harp. I can sing...somewhat.The double sofa bed lies in the middle of the room. A kitchen to my right, bathroom to my left. It's no penthouse, but who's complaining? WIP

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