Screaming came from all corners of the town of Athens. Houses split into two, houses on fire, and people lying on the cold grass of winter. What was attacking, you might be asking. Well, that's a simple answer. Dragons.

Chapter OneEdit

Darren Hugman woke up with a start. It looked about 5:00 in the morning. There were people groanin
A sword

Darren's sword

g, houses were wet, people were on stretchers. A dragon attack came again last night. "That's the fifth in a row," Darren heard a guy say as he put an ice pack on.

Darren walked out of his room and outside. He took a deep breath in. He wasn't sure about it, but he loved the smell of dragon attacks. Although, he never really was awake for one. He walked out into the middle of the grass covered ground. Darren noticed something very strange. A sword was lying in the middle of the ground. Everyone had walked passed it, like it was never there.

Darren grabbed the sword, picked it up and took it to his room. He took a cloth and wiped off all the mud and grime so that it shined like a diamond. Since the sword was now cleaned Darren could tell everything about it. It had a long, leather handle, and a beautiful blade. He put it in a corner and sat in his bed, reading his book.

"Darren!" his mom called, when he was almost finished the book. Darren heard his mothers footsteps come down the hall. He got up, grabbed the sword and hid it deep in his closet, burrying it in clothes.

"Yes mom?" Darren asked as his mom opened the door.

"Breakfast sweetie," his moms sweet voice replied.

"I'll be right there," Darren said with a smile.

His mom smiled back, and closed the door. "Phew," Darren said.

Chapter 2Edit

Darren walked back to his room, after his delcious breakfast. He picked up the sword, and hid in his closet, admiring the beautiful blade.

Climbing out of his window, he stared at the charred grass, that lay on the dirt. Darren looked up, and saw nothing in sight. Usually, a baby dragon could be seen flying around this hour. But oh well. Maybe, it was hidden, Darren thought.

He ran back to his house, rolled under his bed, and found a telescope. He set it up at his window. He looked through, and saw absouletly nothing. He threw the telescope away, and collapsed in his bed...maybe he could help say dragons tonight.



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