A death-day. A boy. A goddess in human form. The eyes of legend.

This is a story about the land of Everice and its quirky inhabitants, a few quests, and at least 10 different belly dancers with customised capes for when they go adventuring.

It's All In The EyesEdit

Geryiss Nobelle was my Olden name. I was once an Olden nymph. In fact, I had the potential to become the queen of Olden creatures.

But I let it all go for a love now lost.


It began on the morning of Grayland. I rose from my comfortable bed. It technically isn't a bed; rather, a large pool filled with soft earth and covered by a sheet of very, very, VERY thick leaves woven together by silkworms.

Well, anyway. I walked to my small pool of water with my eyes closed. I had just recently changed the water. Rather than having to bathe in cold water from the Icebergs, I brought water from the warm rivers of the Sunhills. I relaxed as I heard a messenger knock on my door. Opening my eyes, I gave him my blessing to enter my cavehouse.

He came in through the front door and quickly rushed to the fronthold. He uttered the words of Old, and the trees disappeared.

"M'lady-" he began, pausing as he noticed me in my pool. "I say, did you let me in while you were bathing?"

"Yes," I answered. "And what's wrong with that?"

"Well, by all means, it is very informal to barge on a royal while said royal is bathing!"

"Wait, what?" I ask as my head shoots out of the water. "I'm a royal?"

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