She was nothing amongst the black of the night. Simply a shadow, or a ghost. The only sound was the crickets, singing their sad, lonesome songs. The woman glanced at the Bundle in her arms.

"Just a few more minutes," She whispered to her self. "Just a few more minutes."

Suddenly, the street lamps blinked on and she and the bundle were flooded with light. One by one, she watched the porch lights on the line of houses flicker out. The woman spotted the house she had scouted many years earlier and silently ran across the street.

Stepping onto the porch, she carefully set down the bundle.

"2910, Coulter Street." She whispered to the bundle as she slowly unwrapped it. A cry of a young child erupted from the blankets. The porch light blinked back on. The woman kissed her hand and pressed it upon the childs head.

"Good bye, child." She whispered to the infant as she slipped back into the shadows.

She watched as the door of the house 2910 opened. A petite woman, maybe in her late twenty's, wearing a linen nightgown opened peered through the frame. She looked down at the baby.

"Oh my lord, Greg! Get out here!" A man about the same age as the woman joined the her.

"What in the world?" He said as he kneeled down to get a better look at the baby. The child squirmed in its sleep. A light down poor started to slowly pour from the sky. Tiny drops of water dripped on the child's forehead, making it wriggle and begin to cry. Greg gently lifted the child off of the ground and took her inside the house. They walked into their small living room and placed the baby on the ottoman infront of their futon.


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