A/N Edit

Yes, i'm newbie Birdpaw, but i'm not new at writing ;) This is pretty much well, a tale of friendship (Hmm so original XD) I'm not one of the most amazing writers out there. But i'm pretty good at English

But my fav subject is History, but why am I trailing off XD?


Lillian just started highschool, after a horrifying episode that included her ex-best friend betraying her, she is afraid of everyone, so she doesn't trust easily, until she meets her friends. who she learns, were not originally from around where she was born.

She starts to trust gain, but a couple more horrific episodes happen, and she doesn't really believe her friends are really her friends.


First Days-Lillian has just left a scary past behind her, and is not really willing to take on what's coming next, until she meets two people who are very different from her. Or are they?

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