T-Rated. War.


Well, like the Hunt. Except this is in modern day, (Yes, I play MW2)

Chapter OneEdit

Pvt. Polian POV

It was the summer of 2011. I was running in training camp, running through obstacles, shooting out on targets with my Commando. Just then I heard Liteanaunt Markay's voice from behind me, "Polian, fall in!"

I heard the voice with a jump, left the target I was shooting, and ran right to Markay. "Yes sir?" I asked. I happened to be his favourite soilder, as I listened to his every instruction...except maybe this one.

"Pack up your things, your going to Afghanistan," he said, smiling.

"Sir, I cannot. I'm too young. Plus, the war's bassicaly over, bin Laden's dead," I was upset. I was only 24. I couldn't go into war, I only spent, a year, six months in training.

"Yes, but there's a new evil person. Like bin Laden. His name, Duehl."

"Du-hell?" I repeated. I had never heard of him.

"Yes, Doo-hell. Now go pack."

I sighed, and nodded. "Yes sir."

I'm going to die, I thought. I looked around at the camp, thinking, Goodbye camp. Goodbye world.

Litenaunt Markay's POV

I didn't feel good making John go. I had to. Thanks to Staff Sergent, who kept bossing me around. I had to take orders from him, as he got orders from the president. I was going to Afghanistan to. I sighed, as I threw a journal in my bag. I slung my bag over my shoulder. Me and Private Polian, headed out. No Jeep was taking us. In fact everyone forgot. No one knew we where going. Staff Sergent forgot. And so did Mr. President. We were going to die.

Chapter 2Edit

Coming soon.

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