Masato Oyata was quite the perverted idiot for his very young age. Because of his small height he could see the underwear of older, taller, women if he leant very close to them (this usually resulted in Masato being hit repeatedly in the head if found out). Nevertheless, Masato still hasn’t changed his old habits now at the age of sixteen. He will always be the idiotic blue haired freak that never gives up on women.

The purpose of this book is to explore the life of Masato through his own eyes, so we can know what strange, fantasy-like things that he was thinking of at that time (this is bound to be good for a laugh). We will also find out the lies of Masato, the flaws that haunt him to this very day. His life is split up into two chapters; Ages 5-12 (Childhood) and Ages 13-15 (Middle school years). We hope you enjoy the life of Masato Oyata written in his very own “man journal”.

Yours sincerely,

Haruki Nakamura and Daisuke Saito Chapter 1: Age 5

Daisuke told me to firstly introduce myself and then tell everyone what life was like when I was 5. So my name is Masato Oyata, 16 and currently single.*

When I was 5, my family consisted of only 4 people(Tatsuya wasn’t born yet) my mum (Satsuki), my dad (Kenta), Hideki-nii (my brother, who was 13) and me. My current friend --and only friend that I had was Wakamatsu-san, an elderly man that lived in a tobacco hut. He didn’t actually sell tobacco; he only sold prune juice and porn magazines for ¥120 each. Wakamatsu-san died of lung cancer 2 months after I met him. Well, it’s natural if you live in a tobacco hut. I guess that’s how the habit of buying porn came about.

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