The battle was over. It was a miracle. Draco Animus lay in the rolling, bloodstained hills. He had done it. He had defeated the Mortisdator at last, and it lay fallen at the bottom of the dark tower. He tried getting up, but it hurt like helh. The doctors would probably get to him soon and he could go home. But no, he couldn't. His home was a pile of rubble at the edge of a massive crater. The pain was getting worse, and he felt numb around his legs and moving up into his abdomen, and then his chest. It was getting very hard to breathe, but somehow he wasn't worried. Then, the edges of his vision started to get blurry. Suddenly, the air in front of him was full of blue light. It was utterly beautiful. He opened his eyes, even though they weren't closed. He saw himself lying on the hillside, and the doctors were running towards him. Then, he realized he was dying, and he fought against the beautiful light. He had to get back, so those doctors could save him. He clung onto his body, and the pain came back all over again. "Help… me…" he managed to say, but he knew he was beyond help. He couldn't clearly hear what the doctors were saying. "It's beautiful out there," he managed to say, and then he relented to the beautiful light. He drifted into it until everything was gone. He was free.

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