Just a Little something I'm writing about myself........This page will have poems, stories, etc., whatevers about how I feel about myself negatively.....this might be practice or's like a therapy thing.....And it's crap, I just randomly stream these things..

March 15, 2012Edit

How do you feel?

Maniacal, Negative, Greedy, Lustful, Pscyhopathic, and did I mention Maniacal?

Yes, yes you did. Now, why do you feel this way?

Cause I did something I'm not supposed to do

And what did you do?

Why should I tell you?

It's for your wellbeing


So? You're tearing yourself up here, boy, So you say SO?


Do you feel bad about it, then?

Yes..........And No

Why do you feel both sides?

Well, No cause I was just joking, and they took it too seriously, and then I can't hang out with my friends for a while

and Why do you feel bad about it?

Cause I realized that I lost contact with my friends...

and what else?



Well, I hurt her a bit

Ah, it's a her

yes, it is, I groped her in private, and did not apologize

you realize how sick you sound?


Well, see you next time you commit a sin

But I'm not a sinner, I was just joking!

Well, your "joke" put us in even hotter water then before! he grabs me by the collar, and headbutts me.


Yes! I start crying, and then he grabs a sword from out of nowhere.

then WE'll have to fix that. he raises the blade, and slices down


A Red Liquid forms on the floor, with him laughing maniacally.

Stop overthinking!

You're only givign yourself self-pity, and that's not good!

Right? (This isn't Rhetorical, answer if you wish)

Well, Whatever. You're not worthy to be with them anyways, so why even bother having that "high" Status? You should just sentence yourself away from this dimension (AKA Internet) and return to being the outcast in everywhere; At least you were happier then.

But I wasn't happy then!

Well, still, you're freaking crazier then ever nowadays.

So? I embraced it

That's the problem; you just wanted to fit in, so you made some stuff up (Depends), and now you Are what you used to hate becoming!

Song that can accompany this:

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