It was a dark, stormy night. August 17, 2005. Wind was gushing threw the trees of Ohio. Mary Elizabeth Eger was fast asleep. It was 2:00 AM. Her daughter was sleeping in the living room, were as she was sleeping by herself. She was divorced.

She fell asleep, when, just suddenly, screaming came from the living room. Mary propped up. She ran, baseball bat in hand. When she got there, she saw a gruesome sight...her daughter was dead.

She was bleeding rapidly, blood gushing from the mouth, and gut. "No! Ashley! Hold on!"

Mary was too late however. Her daughter was more life for Ashley.

Chapter OneEdit

I sat on the porch of my house. August 22, 2000. I was 12 years old, and it was a storm. A tornada was approaching my house. I sat there calmly, reading my book. I looked up, and saw the tornado. "Jack! Jack!" my mother yelled. "JACK OLYMPOS, GET IN HERE THIS INSTANT!"

I looked up, and ran. I dived for my basement, just as the tornado struck my door.


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