"Mommy?" asked the little girl. "What is it, little one?" "I can't sleep," she replied, "I'm too excited." The mother smiled. "Sweetie, Santa won't come if you're asleep." The little girl nodded. "I know, but I still can't sleep." Mother smiled. "Just relax, and dream beautiful dreams." The little girl cocked her head in curiosity. "What kind of dreams?" The mother stroked her daughter's hair. "Dream of lands where snow falls all year round. Dream of cities that float among the clouds, and vast deserts where somewhere, a genie waits in a bottle for someone to make three wishes and set him free. Dream of dragons that dance among the stars, and castles in mountains that reach all the way to the top of the world. Dream, my little girl, and wonder." The little girl was already starting to fall asleep, so her mother kissed her on the forehead and quietly left the room. And that night, her daughter dreamed of wonderful, beautiful things. So did her mother.

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