Today we tell you the story of a great warrior. Though he had no honor, no esteem, and no dignity, he was still great. His name was 私は、あなたが秘密のメッセージを発見した参照, or Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō. Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō was from the great city この物語は驚くばかりである, or Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu. Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō was not just any warrior, however. He was a ninja. He was Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō the Ninja of Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu.

Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō... you know what? Let's just call him Watty. Watty bravely defended Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu. It was his home. It meant everything to him. Watty would soon learn this devotion to his hometown would cost him dearly.

Watty was walking around town when suddenly a random Freakachu attacked! Being a ninja, Watty had no trouble defeating the Freakachu. He kept moving. That's when a mysterious figure emerged. Watty drew his sword.

"I am the great Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō of Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu! You dare challenge me? Well, you shall be defeated swiftly... and effortlessly! For I am Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō of Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu!"

That's when the figure emerged. "Hey!" he called out. "Don't hurt me! It's your best friend!" あなたは、次のコメントを残す, or Anatawajinokomentoonokosu was indeed Watty's best friend. But Watty don't take crap from nobody. He easily swung his sword, landing a solid blow upon Anatawajinokomentoonokosu.

"By the great god 私は猿ですし、あなたは私を恐れます! My sword did not harm you!" 私は猿ですし、あなたは私を恐れます, or Watashiwasarudesushianatawawatashioosoremasu, was the great Martian god of language and bad translations. But he was a vengeful god, and did not like his name to be used in vain. Watashiwasarudesushianatawawatashioosoremasu descended upon the two from the heavens and begin to scream. The only problem, however, was that he was screaming in Spanish.

"Yo soy un dios! Usted es un ser humano patético! Usaste mi nombre porque le pegaste con una espada de plástico. Tú no sólo eres un mal guerrero, pero también eres un idiota. Si utiliza mi nombre otra vez, te mataré. Adiós."

With that, Watashiwasarudesushianatawawatashioosoremasu flew away in a stream of rainbows and bat poop. Watty and Anatawajinokomentoonokosu were left to stand confused in the middle of Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu.

"Dude?" Watty asked.

"Yeah?" Anatawajinokomentoonokosu asked in return.

"Not to be overly concerned, but what just happened?!"

"Well," Anatawajinokomentoonokosu said, "we're Japanese guys that speak English and just got screamed at in Spanish by a Martian god."

"Let's just go back to bed."

"Good call."

With that, the great ninja Watashiwaanatagahimitsunomessējiohakkenshitasanshō of Konomonogatariwaodorokubakaridearu and his friend Anatawajinokomentoonokosu went back to bed.

The end.

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