The Old Continent Fish, was a short poem written by Somarinoa in 1996, and was therefore one of the first that he wrote at the age of 13. It was later placed into Diakatan, the same world as his co-authored story, Mordecai & Aleph, serving as a poem from that world that is thought as simply a creative poem instead of a historical event. While Somarinoa does not consider it all that great, he does see it as an important piece of writing, as the earliest poem he remembers writing.

In this land of toil and sin,
there was a great fish with many a fin.
From Atlantis it came, before this world shrank.
It allied itself with a man named Frank.

Frank saved its life from a sea dragon's jaws,
who tore through its flesh with its blood-covered claws.

One day old Frank grew ill and died;
the old Continent Fish sobbed and cried.
It vowed no allegiance afterwards,
but was heard to mouth its very last words:
"In this land of toil and sin,
there's one great man whose name was Frank Minh."

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