The Pearl Prince Characters.

Thomas CarterEdit

Thomas is the main protagonist of the pearl prince. In fact, he is the pearl prince. An ancient


prophecy, written over 5000 years ago, foretold that two princes of one of the elemental Kingdoms would finally destroy the usurper of the time. In "The Pear Prince", he is taken to the Kingdom of Water for the first time, where he realises that he is the prince. Thomas is collected, quiet and your average "boy-next-door". The only thing that makes him different to other boys, is his eyes. His eyes are a turquoise, and they attract many people to ask questions. In the pearl kingdom, he realises that Turqoise is the royal colour.

William CarterEdit



Elder brother of Thomas Carter, and next in line to become King of the Water Kingdom. Like thomas, he has turqoise eyes. William was brought to the Kingdom of Water before Thomas was even conceived, so they never knew each other. William and Thomas both have similar hair, except Thomas' is a deep brown and William's is a sun-kissed blonde. William gets along well with Thomas, and he acts as a guide for Thomas.

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