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To an outsider, Seliana was the perfect city.

The buildings were graceful, tall and immaculate, the streets were spotless,their citizens polite and thoughtful, and every turn brought new wonders.


If you were a citzen, Seliana was hell.

From each perfect dawn and each beautiful sunset,the citizens lived in constant fear of being tortured and killed by the republic.

If a small sliver of a toe was put out of line,if a civilian did not follow all of the rules meticulously, if a foul word was uttered even in the most private hole of the city, the republic found out.

And if you were that person, you were immeadiately brought to the rebublic's leader, Cresto Delaney.

If you were brought to Cresto, at first he'd smile, and your entire body would feel a sense of pain.

There was no way to resist this pain.

It would drive you crazy,pushing sense out of your head.

You would spill every secret you ever had in your lifetime.

Afterwards, the pain would bring you to kill yourself in a brutal way.

That was that.

This was the punishment for almost any mistake that the republic found.

And the republic almost always knew.

Of course, in this manner, Seliana would be out of citizens in a week.

But this never happened.

Outsiders were always attracted to this place.

Permanent places to stay were built everyday.

And once you became a citizen, you could never leave Seliana.

Try, and suffer grave consequenses.

Chapter OneEdit

Eden P.O.V. : Recaputure and DefeatEdit

I cough up blood once again.

The smiling face of Cresto gleamed down at me.

"Darling Eden. I thought I could trust you." he whispered.

"You forced me to be part of the rebublic.You forced me to kill your citizens. What happened to you, Cresto? You used to be a good person."

His face grew dark.

"Eden, I'll give you once more chance."

He slung me on his shoulder and I cried out in pain.

"One more chance."

I passed out with a tingly sensation.

He was drugging me.

In my drug-induced coma, I remember trying to fight.

But it was clouding my memory banks, and the fog was too thick.

I had lost grip of the mountain and now I was falling through the air.

Only minutes from now, I will crack my head and bleed on the flat grey rock.

But, I feel something tugging me back up, and I forget many things.

I only remember one thing : I work for Cresto, and only Cresto.

Let the republic forever stand strong.

Demetria P.O.V. : A Perfect Day Goes WrongEdit

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