The great Phoenix looked upon the fiery earth. The screams of innocent mortals below haunted him. The Phoenix soared into the wet clouds. It's feathers were made of hot fire, and was hotter and brighter than the sun. He pulled the clouds downward, as if to bring water to the earth. Hippogryphs and Pegasus's looked warily on the bird from the sky, and flew higher, trying to find something.

The Phoenix cried into the cloud that covered the entire earth, and the rain became healing rain, for the tears of a Phoenix are healing. The rain fell, and every magical being flew above, execpt the Phoenix. He bolted down, towards parents greaving over their only daughter, a newborn born days before, The child absorbed his spirit, and the Phoenix was now living within the child.

All the magical creatures of the world decided that they were the ones to blame, so they erased mortal's memory of them and they soared into an open door, leading to the unknown.

Chapter 1 (Annabel's POV)Edit

Today, I felt something inside of me, not my guts but a spirit. I always feel it today. Mom says I died and came back ten years ago today, but I don't believe it.

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