Chapter OneEdit

"Mrs. Greene, did you want me to cut it jagged?" I asked.

"Oh Marcy, do it anyway you want. Art class is where you're supposed to burst with creativity!" my art teacher, Mrs. Greene replied.

"OK," I replied, cutting the paper sign jagged. I thought it looked good that way. It gave it a nice spooky feeling, with the sharp corners. I slowly cut and measured the sign with all my heart. This was my time to shine. To show Springfield High School my inner creativity.

"Marcy, will you pass me the extra jar of black paint? I just ran out of paint in this one," Mrs. Greene replied, tossing the empty jar in the trash can.

I handed her the paint and continued my work. I tucked a strand of long red hair behind my ear and finished cutting.

"Mrs. Greene, I'm finally done," I said, looking at the sign.

Mrs. Greene put the paintbrush in the cup of water and looked at it.

"Wow, that's really good, Marcy!" Mrs. Greene exclaimed.

"Thanks," I said, smiling.

"Wow, I can picture this at the Halloween Dance already," Mrs. Greene said.

I nodded and picked up my blue backpack, getting ready to leave.

"Bye Mrs. Greene, my dad's probably waiting for me," I replied, opening the door.

"Hold on, Marcy," Mrs. Greene said, stopping me before I left.

"Yeah?" I asked, turning around.

"I wanted to give you this form. It's for an art contest art the museum, and I thought you might want to enter one of your paintings in it," Mrs. Greene explained.

"Oh, cool," I replied, picking it up and looking at it.

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