You open your eyes. You know not what has just happened, but you know something is wrong. You snarl, as if a beastly predator, and rise to your feet. You look around. You were resting under a pineapple tree. This is a rainforest, and the sound of animal cries reach your ears. You look around. The palms are stained a crimson red, the color of blood. You look around and find you are not alone. There is a pack, a pack of predators, resting after a kill. The blood came from a prey now eaten so much as to be unrecognizable. Finally, you muster the courage to look down at your own hands. You are one of them, a predator.

You walk up to the kill and begin to eat. You know not why, but this is wrong. Yet you cannot find why. Your hunger satisfied, you walk through the forest. Gvhggeyttrteyytthyjhv

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