Once upon some time at some point in history... or perhaps the future... there was a robot. There are only a few creatures more unusual than robots. Such as: Dragons, unicorns, boogers, dragons, three-toed gloves, pencil erasers, dragons, and flaming bananas. Robots are nice though. Only cats are nicer. Cats are SO nice, but you can't turn a cat off when it won't shut up. Anyways, robots like many things. Robots like things such as an occasional can of oil, or perhaps a good dusting, they also like their head coming off, wearing fire for clothes, and picking their metal noses using fried chicken. There is one robot however, who likes soda.

Of course, the robot also likes apocalypse, but as apocalypse is almost as bad as the sun exploding, we don't give him apocalypse. Anyways, let's start the story, SHALL WE?

Robot the robot heard a noise. He went to the door, and opened it.

"Hello. I am Robot." The robber walked inside. "Would you like some soda, because you can't have any!"

The robber got so mad, he got shot. See NOTE 4 at the bottom of the page to know what happened to the robber. Anyways, robot decided this robbery made him thirsty. He went to get a soda.

"NO ROBOT!" Owner said. Owner is Robot's Owner.

"You can't have soda Robot!" said Maker. Maker is Robot's Maker. "It will make you short circuit!"

"I don't care you freak!" Robot drank the soda. He short circuited.

"Why'd you go and do that Robot? Now I have to fix you!" Maker said. Maker spent a whole five minutes fixing Robot. When he was done after that long work, he passed out due to working too long.

Robot got up, and went to get more soda. All of a sudden, a man crashed through the roof of the house.

"Hello. My name is Not-The-Antagonist. I'm here to kill you, as there is an anti-robot law now." Not-The-Antagonist pulled out a gun. He shot at Robot, but Robot is bulletproof. Robot turned into a skyscraper, and fell on Not-The-Antagonist. Robot was a sponge skyscraper, so Not-The-Antagonist lived. But, Robot grabbed a soda, and drank it. THE END.


  1. Robot likes soda.
  2. World War II is over.
  3. Soda is not good for robots.
  4. See note 16
  5. Robot likes soda
  6. See note 10
  7. This is a note
  8. Hey, you want some pie? I'll bake you some.
  9. Hello. Welcome to Store-Mart. How may I help you?
  10. See note 4
  11. Eleven is my favorite number.
  12. What are trousers?
  13. Mr. Note 13, please see here.
  14. Sorry. Wrong link. Here's the link you want.
  15. See note 6
  16. If you want to know what an antagonist is, see here, here, or here.

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