I made a Story in October. It is a planned 5 book series, with one Spin off. The story is about a 8-man Sqaud of Recon Commandos and their High-Tension Dangerous Suicide Missions around the World during the ever-broiling Apocalypse War.


Kanaka KuroganeEdit

The Main Character of my Series, he's "like a Archetypal Hero you'd find in your Frilly media." He's the Commander of the Kurogane JRC Sqaud, and a Honorary member of The War Council.

WIP (Art Will Be Posted Soon!)

Sazori VexareEdit

The Lt. and Weapons Specialist of the Kurogane JRC's, he serves as a mentor For Kanaka.

WIP (Art Will be Posted)

Colin And Castor WenkerEdit

Twins born in america, and immidiately sent to Japan to help out, they're completle opposites, but love each other to the death. Colin is the Technician/Engineer, And Castor is the Demolitions Expert.

WIP (Art Vill Be Posted)

Dexter TomkinEdit

A Recent Addition to the Squad, he lends his street skills to the resistance. He is the Assassin/Thief.

WIP (Art Vill Be Posted)



  1. The Roseblood Chronicles (WIP. kicking off the series, it just displays the Sqaud, and their capabilities)
  2. Racing Thieves (Book 2. To Be Released when The Roseblood Chronicles is Completed. Adventure mixed with Mythology.)
  3. A Wounded Mind (Book 3. To Be Released when 2 is Completed. A Epic Story with lot's of Gunplay.)
  4. The Dead Breach (Book 4. To Be Released when 3 is Completed. A Mystery Story with a Little Sci-Fi and Memory delving. Also with Exploring oneself.)
  5. Swordshard (Book 5. To Be Released when 4 is Completed. The Final Titular Book, it's all intense action, tying up the loose ends!)
  6. Sazori's Story (The Spinoff. To Be Released Between the release of A Wounded Mind and The Dead Breach. Goes into depth about the elusive character Sazori Vexare, and how he came to be.)

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