You may know me,
For being less than serious,
And then sometimes,
I can even be delirious.

But today I will try,
With all my might,
I will be serious,
It will get it right.

I will not eat fine china,
I will not shove marbles up my nose
I will not headbutt the wall,
I will not use acid polish on my toes

The games must end,
It's time to put on a straight face
This poem will not be silly
We are now in a serious place

I will put on a suit.
I will get a real job.
I will have a good life.
I will stop trying to stab this #$^%#@$ doorknob.

Who am I kidding?
This poem may not be serious.
Why would I dare write such a thing?
I must be delirious.


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