The Seven Lives of Tomas Iliad is a series about a boy, Tomas Iliad who is reincarnated seven different times, fiannly as himself. It is in Seven parts.


I am Puck, fallen angel. I am the angel that flew in disgrace. I am the angle that has fallen from grace.

I am Julian West, the boy who should have died. I am now a messenger to a god. I cheated death.

I am Julius Vitalis, roman son of Jupiter. I am running from my friends, being hunted to death.

I am Cameron Silver, leader of the rebel mutants. I am wanted for the crime of being alive.

I am Dakarion, one of the first settlers. I am a god, one of the Undying.

I am Tylo Greenway, a time-traveller. I have seen everything.

I am the Writer, with the power of words.

I am Tomas Iliad.

I am all of them.

What if you broke the rules, just so that you could go on living?

What if you, the seventh in your line, broke the circle of life, of inheritance and powers, and were caught?

What would your punishment be?

What if it was immortality, and the chance to become a god? If you took it, you were free. You would be seven people at once, switching constantly.

Or you could continue to go on living and dying; forgetting and remembering.

What would you chose?

Author's NoteEdit

This series is coming soon. I am not at my home computer, and therefore cannot copy and paste different parts of the stories that I have already written. I may not be able to put up the part about Julius Vitalis, because it is a partial Percy Jackson Fanfiction, but based in the times of Ancient Rome, and in a slightly different version of Camp Jupiter, the Gods and Lupa. Ŋatalyą Ƒinnley - Tell me sðmething I don’t know (nø really) 15:59, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

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