Being BornEdit

Gerald's parents were Lola and Stewart. Lola fell pregnant with him and his five brothers quite young. All through her pregnancy, she whined over baby names. Stewart found some of these names, quite odd. There was Bobby, and Purple. And Banana Boat and Stump. Drowned and Fish. And Bloody and Ooops. She went on, making lists of names, crossing some out if they were too normal. She said:

"My children are going to be unique! They need unique names!"

Stewart thought some of these names, were just a bit, okay, maybe a lot, okay maybe very bad. From Butty to Eyeball to Soup and Tissue. He found the names simply ridiculus. So he asked his wife:

"May I name one of our children"

Lola replied, only one. So he went and thoight for hours on end for the most normal name he could find. So a bit later, there Lola was in her home.

"Home births are so much painful I hear, but funner too!"

Stewart often worried for her help when she said stuff like that. So, she pushed and she pushed and out came her six little sons.

Snot, being the oldest.
Gerald baby

"Look at Gerald! See him there Lola? What a son of mine!" - Stewart

Mold, being the smelliest.

Pineapple, being the smartest.

Poop, being the brownest.

Pottyhead, being the one obsessed with hating Harry Potter.

And lastly, Gerald.

The First StepsEdit


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