This is actually a story that I wrote for my English course test. (one shot)

Rose 06:45, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

“We can’t place the bomb in the Mall, Malcolm tried once and he’s still in prison,” Anastasia said, grabbing our map of the Mall and crumpling it. She glared at me with her electric blue eyes.

“Hey!” I shouted.

“She’s right, Don,” Lynn told me, playing with her auburn hair.

I looked at Z.

He nodded.

“Okay then, we must make another plan,” I sighed.

“I have an idea, Don,” Lynn said, “what if we go out to the neighborhood and plant a bomb in a house. It’ll burn down the other houses, and maybe even kill a few people.”

I nodded.

“I agree,” I said.

“Me too,” Anastasia said, nodding

Z nodded.

“Bombing the neighborhood it is,” I said.

A few days passed. Lynn had finished the bombs, and Anastasia had finished the program to trigger it in her mobile phone. Z had prepared a plan, and I finished mapping the houses. We decided to bomb the house in the middle of the neighborhood. It was on sale, so nobody lived in it. But it was finished, perfect and filled with furnitures.

Another perfect reason, wood burns so easily.

Z parked the van, and I walked inside. Anastasia handed me the key to the house which she had prepared earlier.

I unlocked the door. It was made of steel, and it was strong. I looked around, and went inside. I locked it again to avoid suspicion, and put the key inside my pocket. I went up the stairs to the third floor. The place was perfectly clean, and I could find some good spots. I went to a room. I decided to put the key on the desk, and I placed the bomb in near the wall. I gave a sign to Anastasia and walked downstairs. I rushed downstairs, because the bomb will explode a minute after I give her a sign.

As I walked down the stairs, I felt something missing. What was it? I ignored it, thinking that it may have been nothing. But I still felt uneasy. Like something went wrong.

I went to the door, and tried to open it.

I had 20 more seconds.

I couldn’t open it, and I remembered that it was locked. I searched for the key in my pocket, but I couldn’t find it.

10 seconds.

Just then, I remembered.

I had forgotten to take back my keys.

I'm screwed.

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