Hope always wished to be a singer. One that would be famous and loved. One that got the fans and one that lived the happy, celebrity life. Of course, she did not know that it was only a little, useless hope. Because in this world, only the most selfish get the fame and have a happy life. The generous help others, putting aside there own happiness. And sadly, Hope was a generous girl. She helped whoever she could, whenever she could. It was very sorrowful that such a girl like her had such big dreams. Dreams that are just that. Only dreams. So when her life went tumbling down hill, it really was no surprise.

Hope had a great family. A dad and a mom who loved each other unconditionally. A twin brother who was caring and awesome and to top it off, a little sister. They lived in a little house, where they were quite happy. They never fought and lived a fairytale life. That was until her dad cheated. Hope's mother had suspected something for weeks. So many clues. The odd perfume smell, the late nights laying awake only in bed, the private phone calls. The thing however that made her drop was Hope's little sister Alice telling their mother how she had seen her father and another lady kissing.

Of course, Alice said it in a little child-like way but the effect was the same. Hope had to take Alice to her room because of their mother's rage. Their mother broke china and ripped letters and threw things all around the house. Hope wished that her mother would calm down but like I said, just one little useless wish. Well, it might have been okay, well not okay but better, if their father hadn't came home and acted normally.

Their mother raged at him and sent him away. That was the last time Hope and her sister Alice saw of their father face to face again. Hope's twin Tony was upset and left with their father. ow, your probably wondering why this part is so important? Well this is the beginning of a long, sorrow-filled story that you really shouldn't keep reading if you wish to not cry. But then again, reading won't stop it. So back to the story....


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